What is Yoga Nidra?


'Yoga nidra' literally translates as 'yogic' or 'psychic sleep'. It's roots are deep within yoga history and psychology, tracing back to the ancient texts.


It is yoga involving no 'doing'.. you just lie down! It is an invitation to experience deep rest. Yoga nidra is also a mindfulness practice. It is an invitation to be present, while you rest.


You begin by getting really comfy (sheepskins warm the back of the body, with blankets, bolsters and eyepillow) so that the body and mind can drop into relaxation. You are gently guided into a trance-like state (between wake and sleep). Nothing is required but an awareness of the words that guide you.


In this state of 'nidra' the body can experience profound relaxation and the brain can process deeply. It is a timeless place, one of 'being' rather than 'doing'. It is in this state of deep rest that the body can work naturally and efficiently to heal itself, through the body's innate capacity to restore balance, or homeostasis. It is a very simple and direct way of accessing the quality of deep rest and integration our bodies need to rebalance and maintain wellbeing.


Sound vibrations (crystal alchemy singing bowls & chimes), aromas (palo santo, sage, essences) and chocolate create a multisensory experience!



The Benefits


The most regular feedback from clients has been of better, more restful sleep. Natalie finds the benefits are feeling more integrated, clearer, calmer and more present. It can also create an opening to inner worlds and experiences.


Yoga nidra meets you where you are. It is adaptogenic, so you receive what you need to, in the moment.  If all you need is relaxation, then it's a brilliant tool. It's the ultimate power nap, whilst being much more than that. If you are tired, you might drift in and out.. but you will still gain the deeper benefits, as well as the necessary rest.  


If you find seated meditation difficult, yoga nidra can be an easy, almost effortless way into experiencing a meditative state. The more restful position of lying down signals the brain and the body to relax, however awareness is nurtured within the restful state.


The transformative potential of yoga nidra is limitless, if you desire change on a deeper level. Yoga nidra is powerful tool for shifting 'stuff'. It can be a way of resolving deeper, underlying issues, without the interference of the conscious mind in its waking state.


Yoga nidra is for everybody and everything.. but can be practically very useful for help with stress management, sleep problems and many other related issues.


One to one sessions are available. The session can be for general benefit or tailored to meet specific needs and recorded for you to take home to use. Group sessions can also be arranged for family, friends & work colleagues  (maximum of 5 people per session).



About Natalie


Natalie is a crystal therapist (ACHO), yoga nidra facilitator (Total Yoga Nidra) and yoga teacher (Yogacampus), having practised for over 20 years. Sound vibrations and harmonies are integrated into the sessions, using Crystal Tones alchemy singing bowls (quartz bowls, enhanced with different crystals and precious metals).

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